Garage Epoxy Flooring and Driveway Concrete Overlay Installation in Tucson, AZ by Arizona Concrete Designs, LLC

IMG_0423On this project, the customer was referred to us by a neighbor. He had a badly cracked driveway that needed refinishing and he wanted to add an epoxy flooring system to his garage as well. His HOA had specific rules regarding what could be done with his driveway, so we worked within their parameters to provide him with a finish he would love and his HOA would approve. We created a sample board for submission to the HOA, and received approval. Once that was done, the homeowner chose a complementary finish for his garage floor and we started on the IMG_0428installation. All of the driveway cracks were repaired and then the overlay was installed in a light oxford grey color and highlights of black and white were added to provide visual interest. In the garage, we prepped the concrete floor and then installed the epoxy flooring in gray with charcoal flecks. Both finishes complement each other, and the homeowner was very pleased with the finished product.

For more information or to schedule a free estimate, please give us a call at 520-338-7503 or view our website at


IMG_0430 IMG_0426


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